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September 2021
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 We welcome you!

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We welcome you! Empty
PostSubject: We welcome you!   We welcome you! EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 6:59 am

This month we have jumpstarted this process and we are currently expanding our network globally and would appreciate any feedback you might have. I would hope when you find something you want to discuss you open up a new topic, it will just help in keeping track of the stream of consciousness. Some of this may duplicate what we have already started elsewhere, it is an oversight and not a slight; please notify us by PM and we'll fix it. Thanks and I look forward to all of your thoughts.

    1. What is your preferred server location (US, UK, etc)
    2. What is your preferred protocol? (OpenVPN UDP / OpenVPN TCP / PPTP)
    3. Are you satisfied with the network speed?
    4. Do you get the full network speed on CryptoCloud? i.e: do you max out your connection?
    5. By the end of this week we will have servers in the United States, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. What other locations would you like to see added to this list, and why?
    6. Are there any new features you would like to see?
    7. Social Media- Any more thoughts other than Twitter and Facebook? We are bringing someone on board to manage this important featue.
    8. Website Issues- Spelling error, confusing text, layout thoughts
    9. Enagaging our users to propogate their thought in the forum
    10. Getting you involved in our affiliate program.

Personally, I am working very hard to spend more time in the forum and want to extend the invitation to all the rest of you, how can we get you more engaged. I understand much like any relationship it is a work in progress but give me some ideas on how to jumpstart it and we will push that way.
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We welcome you! Empty
PostSubject: Re: We welcome you!   We welcome you! EmptyWed Jun 06, 2012 5:39 pm


This forum is a bit quiet, so let me be the first to post in it a bit. I'm a new user of this service and I'm rather happy so far in general. I'll try to answer some of the questions as best I can:

    1: I prefer NL at the moment but US too sometimes.

    2.: OpenVPN UDP gives me best performance

    3.: I'm so far satisfied with the speed.

    4.: No, maxing out my connectiong is not possible, seeing that my connection speed is 100Mbit/s, but I get pretty close to 70% sometimes with some bursts.

    5: I didn't know about servers in Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland...but having servers there would be nice; although I'm quite happy with the servers in NL right now.

    6: Yeah, I'd love to use a Socks5 proxy so that I may select which application use your network. I can'T always play online games because of rather high ping jitters giving me laggs occasionally.

    9. Yeah, would be nice to have a more active forum. On the other hand...if everything is working fine, there is no need for it I guess.

Hope I helped a little Wink
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We welcome you! Empty
PostSubject: Re: We welcome you!   We welcome you! EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 8:08 pm

Like Pyro said - this forum is way too quiet - I can't believe that nobody knows this VPN provider Very Happy

I've been using this service for about 4 months now and i really like it but now on to the survey:

    1. I'm using NL most of the time when I'm not youtubing or using hulu on the road (PPTP)
    2. I'm using the cryptocloud client most of the time (UDP)
    3. Speed is good except for p2p (p2p uses only about 20% of my speed) and I'm not quite sure why
    4. See above - good network speed for everything except p2p usage
    5. I don't see any new servers - only the ones which were already here 4 months ago. An asian server would be nice and maybe a russian one for europe
    6. Maybe more than just 2 devices at once? Wink
    7. Everything that gets more customers I'd say
    8. Very neat website!
    9. SHOWING USERS THAT YOU'RE ACTIVE ON THE FORUM YOURSELVES! That would probably get more users on here Wink
    10. I can only tell people about cryptocloud when i can be 100% sure of the offered service. And it's definitely not very trustworthy when tickets or forum posts don't get an answer in at least a weeks time. Why don't you just add one or two freelance helpers in your inner circle with whom networking knowledge and expertise can be shared with.

Thanks though for being a quite reliable and trustworthy VPN hoster so far!
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We welcome you! Empty
PostSubject: Re: We welcome you!   We welcome you! EmptyFri Nov 09, 2012 12:00 pm


I'm amazed about so few participation.

1.) My preferred location for this moment is NL.

2.) Preferred protocol: OpenVPN, UDP

3.) Network speed has improved, almost no speed reduction with vpn connection.

4.) Almost.

5.) In March 2012 you announced new server locations. I don't see them on on the "Change country preferences" page. Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland is missing. and we are in November 2012 now. Do the new servers exist and if yes, where are they? Or is the project some late, or abandoned ?

6.) Yes, I would like the following feature : On the page, after having logged in, I would like to be able to change my vpn-connection password.

7.) I can't say anything about it, I don't use twitter & Facebook.

Last edited by privangle on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:03 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot sth to ask)
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PostSubject: Geez, how did I miss this?   We welcome you! EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 4:55 pm

Hello, I am in Southern California and use AT&T U-verse with the 12Mb/2Mb package. I can almost always get solid 11+ Mb transfers with it. Cryptocloud connections on the other hand seem to be hit or miss for me.

1. US West but that rarely works for me. Most of the time the Cc client won't connect so I end up on US East.
2. Preferred protocol? OpenVPN UDP Not sure 'preferred' is the right word since it's usually just what I can get a decent connection with.
3. Speed is not consistent for me.
4. I often seem to be capped at 5Mb but if I disconnect I'm back to 11+
5. Another US location that is more usable for me.
6. The country selection could be a drop down on the client connect screen or maybe on another tab that would populate from the server on startup also giving us notice of any problem endpoints.
7. Social Media: Who's your target audience? Start there and then figure out 'where' they are to target them.
8. The "Why do you need us?" list on the home page might need to be reordered depending on who your target audience is. Non technical peeps will look at that first one and go 'Huh? Wut? and probably leave. The usability has improved since I signed up though.
9. I have never been reached out to and have never been responded to by Cc so that is where you need to start because from my perspective since I signed up in March Cc is pretty much an absentee business. Regular postings on the forums by staff are critical in getting your users engaged.
10. I'd have to agree with ryuu on this one. I can't recommend a service that is this spotty for me and when I haven't had a single good support experience.

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PostSubject: Re: We welcome you!   We welcome you! Empty

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We welcome you!
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