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 Questions For Cryptocloud

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PostSubject: Questions For Cryptocloud   Questions For Cryptocloud EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 10:27 am

Is Cryptocloud still running? I have looked around the internet and cant say i have found much information on it even been legit. Does anyone on the forum know how to use it and know when its running. I have downloaded the software and put my users name and password in. It says it is connected but when i click the help button i get...License has expired! Expiry: 26 Dec 2011 06:30:00 PM. So there's no help there. i have looked around the site i have found a few links not working and no where explaining how to use the program. Can some answer these questions or did i just get robbed of my 50 bucks. One thing i did find is the guy that made cryptocloud got caught with 3 pounds of cocaine in his car and went to jail for three years but then got out?? I will keep supporting his drug habit lol! if someone can tell me if cryptocloud is working and how it works and how i can check it works. Anyone with any information asap would be nice thanks in advance....? Question Question Question

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PostSubject: Re: Questions For Cryptocloud   Questions For Cryptocloud EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 4:39 pm

madmaximus87 wrote:
I have downloaded the software and put my users name and password in. It says it is connected...
Is Cryptocloud still running?
based on what you just said it sounds like it's running just fine. you should be able to confirm this on your own. just browse to any proxy/anonymity check site on the web (there are hundreds of them) and see if your if your ip address has been changed. simple.

yes, the 'help' button link in the client is outdated. when they come out with a new version of the client i'm sure it'll be fixed, but for now just use the help resources on the regular web site instead. no big deal.

also there's no need to dig up that old stuff about the company's co-founder, it's ancient history, and has nothing to do with the vpn service at all. the vpn is legit and works just fine. what else do you need to know?
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PostSubject: Greetings New Customer Maximus   Questions For Cryptocloud EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 5:03 pm

Thanks for your message I will be happy at taking a stab at a reply that should clear up any misconceptions. We have been in the vpn business for 6 years and are the only company that has never, doesn't and will continue to not log a thing. We have been written up on vpn review sites, torrent freak and many other places on the internet so I am sorry that you could not find those links; please give me some places you have looked so I might reach out to them. As a rule, we aren't much for placing our butts as many places as we can on the internet nor were we an ISP that backed into this business as other industry members are. We strive to take a responsible, mature and direct approach to this business and concentrate on it solely to respect the investment our customers make in us.

I am sorry you are having issues, I am happy to take a stab at trying to fix them. We do have a support forum that is manned as well for quicker response and a bit of privacy. Possibly you can send a copy of your connection log there or PM me with it here as well and I will check back for it. You can find this by right clicking the lock icon choosing status and then save log depending on your operating system.

You have also joined during our upgrades which I am both happy they are underway and sorry things have broken. I am not sure that any service has been hindered just some links I believe? Possibly you can send the ones you found so I can make sure they are on the list.

The 'guy that made cryptocloud' you reference is one of the co-founders of the company, our former chief technical officer and friend. I do believe the 3 pounds you reference was more like 300+, so possibly you might need a new search engine geek . Furthermore he did that in a prior time to Cryptocloud so the relevance escaped me or does one not watch the new Marvel Movies because Robert Downey Jr has been to jail for drugs and other things rendeer . I can say as well it was a smuggling charge and not for personal use though he does have a large nose. As for paying for a drug habit I can say Mr. Spink has left to pursue higher education and projects that will take the next step in bringing true privacy for individuals. We do miss him in our forum as well as his ability to challenge each of us.

As for whether Cryptocloud is working have you tried to go to a checkip site? Did you log into the customer center and specify a server? We truly log nothing which further enhances your privacy but also leaves us in the dark about the nature of your problem which is why we ask for a connection log.

Hope this helps!
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PostSubject: Re: Questions For Cryptocloud   Questions For Cryptocloud Empty

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Questions For Cryptocloud
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