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 Disabling P2P when VPN goes off?

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Disabling P2P when VPN goes off? Empty
PostSubject: Disabling P2P when VPN goes off?   Disabling P2P when VPN goes off? EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 3:51 am

Is there a way to disable P2P, specifically uTorrent, from sharing files when the VPN becomes disconnected?
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Disabling P2P when VPN goes off? Empty
PostSubject: Connectivity   Disabling P2P when VPN goes off? EmptyThu Sep 06, 2012 5:25 pm

4 - Annathehippie

That's a frequent VPN user concern. You might want to take a look at this torrentfreak article - torrentfreak{dot}com/how-to-make-vpns-even-more-secure-120419/ - though I can't yet offer a yeigh or a neigh as to the quality of their reccomendations.

On that note I think it's about time that we put together a thread highlighting software that we, as technically sophisticated'ish netizens, can infact vouch for. For example, I downloaded a firefox plugin the other day and spent about an hour analysing the plugin script line by line pre-install and then "tcpdump" checking my ethernet for illicit activity once the plugin was in place. That plugin I can now vouch for and it'd be great to have a security conscious and tech-savvy community such as this come together to share such information upon common ground.

Certainly, there's always the human factor to consider when trusting a reccomendation, but we are here to help each other out and educate each other to higher standards as a community...not stand on each others shoulders and play power games. United we fall and all...wait, that ain't right...United we stand and all that what I mean to say.


Aside. I noticed Cryptocloud got a mention on the "list of VPN's who take privacy seriously" over on TorrentFreak. Well done.

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Disabling P2P when VPN goes off?
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