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 Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues

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Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues Empty
PostSubject: Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues   Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 6:37 am

Hello everyone, long time user of cryptocloud and most recent member of this forum here just with a few issues i would like to raise about the client

1.IP Leakage

When lets say my power goes out and turns back on, my connection gets reset and after i get 'reconnected', my real IP is exposed in plain sight, compromising my anonymity online... which is extremely counter productive towards the goals of this service and i feel like perhaps something could be done about that in a future release of CC's client, perhaps having an IP monitor to instantly block and kill all traffic when a non Cryptocloud ISP IP is detected, configurable via the settings by the user...just a thought

2.Server IP options

I understand there is a triad of ip addresses within the udp netherland server options, and it's almost entirely random which one can be connected and accessed at any given time, and there are some times when i want to stay dutch for a while on both my computers as ive done before and i have to dick around with controlled disconnections of my wireless switch to get another ip address that doesnt conflict with the one i was already using(and sometimes that doesnt work for me) would be nice to have the option to pick which one through the members area as a number option, not necessarily exposing the actual ip address but as a list of number like The Netherlands (UDP) 1) 2) 3)underneath the server selections

3. Autostart & Autoconnect Options;

This is a huge one for me, since every time i boot up i have to worry about potential autostart applications/services catching my real IP address and again, having my real IP recorded/logged server side on those applications, which doesn't make sense to a person that uses this service for literally everything they do on the internet for whatever reason they please...if i had an option to check an autostart & autoconnect box next to the username & password saving options, i would be ecstatic, and i think alot of users feel me on this as well...

Just a few ideas that i believe would make this awesome service and software even better, i would absolutely LOVE everyone's input on this if possible, ill be monitoring this thread often so feel free to leave a response and give your insight and opinions on the matter, ok? thanks

CyberNinja Smile
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2012-08-09

Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues Empty
PostSubject: Re:subject   Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 5:28 pm

Wow, i wouldve thought that at least SOMEONE in this thread would give some insight on these issues, i do believe i raised some pretty important ones that should be up for discussion, but i can only wait for some engaging conversation on these pretty important problems with CC....

A man can only dream
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Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues Empty
PostSubject: Re: Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues   Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues EmptySat Sep 15, 2012 10:21 pm

the best way to deal with ip leakage is to install a firewall, that way you can block out all traffic originating from your real network. the cc client already has the feature to kill traffic on vpn connection drop. however based on my own testing it's not 100% foolproof. i guess they could build a robust firewall application into the vpn client itself, but tbh i'd rather just use a 3rd party firewall that has already been thoroughly tested and proven to work effectively.

the autostart/autoconnect suggestion is part of the same issue. again, it's not foolproof because it goes beyond what the client is capable of. even if you had this feature, there's always going to be that small window of opportunity for connections to slip through before the vpn client application even has a chance to start up. but if you have a good firewall in place that gets initialized early during system startup, then you have nothing to worry about because those connections would be blocked.

the server selection option sounds like a good idea though. maybe integrate some sort of status info into the members area where you could see the server load for each. that way, you can easily see if one of them is overloaded or bogged down with too many connections, so you know to choose a more reliable one.
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Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues Empty
PostSubject: Re: Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues   Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues Empty

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Client Side IP Leakage & Other Issues
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